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Legion Raiding Team

GintoniK posted Aug 1, 16

If you are already in the guild and you are interested in raiding Legion's Mythic content with Cult of the Doomed read the following post carefully and sign up with the appropriate form. 

In case you have questions do not hesitate to contact me in game or on the guild forums.

READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN UP understand how important it is for the people that commit, respect the players that want a consistent raid team.


What a superb jurney we had! Thank you all for being here, thank you alll for your effort. A big thanks to Why No Love and the overall hearthwarming pve community of the server group!

HFC progress might be over but we have alot of work to do unil legion hits! Sign up for raids and lets aim for efficient - wipeless clears!

We are entering a period of heavy recruitment in order to prepare for legion. More specifically we are looking for a Non-DK tank and 2 dps, 1 ranged (non-hunter), 1 mdps (non warrior)

So if you are over 18 y.o., have at least 10/13 Mythic experience, gear ready for mythic clear, 795 ring and 4-set. A functional mic, patience and persistence , do not hesitate to drop an application.

Cult of the Doomed is waiting for you!

Ok, "that was easy..." (NOT), we had a linear progrogression on this fight, pushing a phase per raidnight. The boss is dead and most importantly we had fun and we bonded as a team. 

The team is in great shape, keep it up!

Archimonde, we are coming for ya.... 

Titan THIS IS IT BOYS! btw, where's the kill pic?

Xhul' Horac was the most problematic boss our raid team has ever faced. An acrimonious situation of physiological pain and anguish. After two long months of persistence the boss is dead but the raid team had to go through rough times and didnt escape unharmed. 250 wipes later…. nerves were broken and faith was lost, the raid team was forced to evolve. Many co-raiders couldn’t cope with the disappointment and the change of the pace of progress and descended to the dark corners of AFK-ness or casual raiding. But the boss is dead now and the team is almost healthy, one step closer to completion… STAY STRONG.

 With some help from WNL and the general serious pve community of the server group we will continue pushing…

Thank you all for your patience.


PS for the General Public - WE ARE RECRUITING ALL ROLES

PS for the Raid Team – Sign up for the raids listed on the calendar (in a timely manner) or be replaced….


Tyrant is dead after a lot of setbacks, but this is Cult of the Doomed. We progress where no man can progress.

Cult of the Doomed is still recruiting Ranged dps for their main team, if you are interested make an application!